Oreddy is the culmination of many years of experience and expertise.

Its purpose is to inform, educate, and entertain and, in doing so, explore the possibilities of engaging the mass of people in current affairs.

Oreddy is built on a custom-designed platform of Conversational Intelligence.


Since the early days of the internet it's been very clear that, building on a century of marketing practice, content is absolutely key to people engagement.

With the shift to social media taking the lion's share of presentation to people, one major (and critical) aspect of internet marketing has been lost: information that lasts more than minutes (... actually, seconds).

A structured, searchable, database of content is essential to build engagement that lasts.

Websites have it, social media platforms, do not. That is why they fail when used to build, and sustain, communities.


Most internet content has been dumbed-down to social media posts. Creativity has gone out of the window.

Engaging design is crucial in maintaining attention.


Knowing the message and how it may be communicated over the internet is essential to community building.

It's not enough just to post to a social media platform and think the job is done. In fact, it's disastrous to think that.

Knowing how to leverage the internet is by no means an easy task (athough most people believe that it is). Understanding why that is, is the difference between success and mediocrity.


Typically, when using the internet, people's thumbs scroll (almost sub-consciously) past content. Getting that thumb to stop is the real trick.

Oreddy uses AI technology to guide people through what is, fundamentally, a learning process.