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Some Sites that Leverage The Oreddy Platform

Organisations that strive to build communities need a varied approach to how the web is used to connect and grow those communities.

Initial thinking is centred around social media. However, social media are only channels -- very powerful in terms of broadcasting a message but not so good at participant engagement itself.

So-called social media reach, or number of followers, is mis-leading. It is a theoretical maximum. The majority of followers never see specific posts (unless either they stumble upon them, or they are explicitly looking for them in the first place).

The upshot is that a false impression is gained of the effectiveness of a social media presence; wasting time and energy. For organisations trying to acheive an outcome that requires community action, this is bad news.


This website is itself built on the Oreddy platform.


This is Chris Harvey's personal and professional skills website.


Michele Middleditch was Torbay Labour's Parliamentary Candidate in the 2019 general election. The election may be over but the problems facing Torbay's population continue to increase.


Torbay Today focuses on content that is particularly relevant to the residents of Torbay.


Feed A Child Torbay is a charitable group which provides meals to Torbay's disadvantaged school children.


Neighbourhood Plan Forums lack the software platforms to engage with communities concerned about local council planning processes.