Information Management

In order to support the necessity of moving beyond social media and to enable blog and database developers to integrate their offerings into community organisations' outreach, we have developed the Oreddy technology.

Its objective is to allow organisations to leverage technology in order to spread the word and engage with a larger number of supporters. Simply put: To move beyond social media.

We use our own technology in a number of our own products: Torbay Today being one.

It has been necessary to design, and develop, three major components (for want of a better word):

Classification System


Group : Topic

Date (Applicable & Created)


Location (Latitude/Longitude)


Links (accessed using the Oreddy API) to an Oreddy Platform-hosted database of content --> toolkit --> stories (cards) - text, videos, images, links, maps, finances

Links to content hosted on third-party sites; accessed using the Oreddy API.

The Oreddy API allows other sites to access Oreddy Platform hosted content; as well as defining access to externally-hosted content.



Links via social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp); as well as eMail.

Embedded links via websites and blogs.

Directly hosted on the Oreddy Platform.